You may wonder about the title, Chasing Rainbows, it came from my husband, Todd, remarking on my compulsiveness late in my treatment regimen, in seeking other possible avenues of help with my affliction. I was desperate – - Why not find my own rainbow?

They ranged from conventional medicine, alternative therapies and the Spiritual.  In the end, I found they all played an essential role in my successful campaign to become, and remain once again, cancer-free.  And they also led to a new lease on life―for myself and my beloved husband, Todd.

As you embark on this journey, as a cancer fighter or a caregiver, there are a few things I need to share with you.  First, there will be times during this fight which will be more difficult than others; never lose hope. There are survivors of this disease and you have every chance to be one.  Secondly, know that you will meet such wonderful people on this path, people who will forever change the way we look at life. Thirdly, know it’s okay to ask for help. By letting others do things for you: you give them a sense of purpose to participate and not feel so helpless.

I was compelled to write this book … My intention?  To provide fellow cancer fighters with the weapons of hope and alternative therapies after diagnosis and during and after active treatment. We all want―hope―to beat this disease, to go back to our once “normal” life, and not die. We are all frightened, and the unconditional caring and hope we feel among other fighters and survivors will provide a source of comfort.

And finally, know this disease in one way or another touches everyone. Whether you are the fighter or the caregiver or a loved one, each one of us has our own struggle in the fight.

“Being diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer does not need to be a death sentence.”
-Luci Berardi