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Hi Luci,
My name is Debbi W.  My mom, Bobbi ,  is a long time resident of Evergreen, CO.  My mom was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in October 2011.  She handed me your book and asked me to read, “Chasing Rainbows”  two months ago.  She explained that your book best identified her journey with cancer.
My mom’s colon cancer was detected at her routine 10 year colonoscopy. It took us all by complete surprise.
I read your book today in one sitting.  I can understand what she meant when she told me she identified with your book.  Even though she had colon cancer and you had ovarian cancer, many of the same emotions and physical changes  parallel.  My family of two other sisters all live close to Evergreen.  I live in Parker, another sister lives in Greeley and my oldest sister lives near Georgetown.  We are a close knit family and at least one of us were at my dad’s and her side for all chemo’s and doctor appointments.
My mom could really relate to so many aspects that you mentioned in your book:
Constant measuring your temperature
Holding your breath for each C125 (colon cancer’s is called C19) markers.  Feeling horrified to see the high numbers.
Feeling like a pin cushion with continually blood work
The fear and devastation of having to rush to the  ER
Acute awareness of crowds and germs
Recovery from invasive surgery
Chemo treatment Count downs!
Watching for every symptom!
My mom had dog eared one page in your book, the Miracle Prayer”.  I could not but notice the tear stains on this page.  I think faith and prayer really does help in this circumstance.  I’ll copy this prayer and place it on my mirror in my bathroom as a daily devotional.
My family also planned for vacations as something to look forward to.  In August 2012 my mom celebrated her 70th birthday.  We rented a beautiful VRBO home in Buena Vista for a family reunion.  Then again, this year in February we rented a large home in Glenwood springs and came together to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary!!  It was awesome!
I loved how you included in your book a reference to “the Anti Cancer” book by Dr. David.  My mom read his book over and over, taking in all his advise and advocating it to the family to drink that Sencha green tea, add turmeric to your meals and cut out the sugar.

My mom fought valiantly against her cancer.  The docs did what they could do with tests, CT scans, chemo, surgery.  Mom did what she could do with diet and prayer.  She was 70 and her body was weakened so badly by the chemo and cancer.  She had two go arounds with the chemo regiment.  The cancer came back in October 2012.  Her cancer had spread to her lungs.  She died May 20th, 2013 from “Acute Lung Failure” due to “something” on her lungs.  Not sure if it was pneumonia, something viral, or fluid on the lungs due to the cancer tumor.
I want to thank you for your book.. we understand your journey.  My mom’s path ended different than yours because she started at a different place (she was 70 and not a picture of health when she was first diagnosed in 2011).  Thank you for your message.. the last pages of your book offer the best advise a person could receive.  Healthy eating, meditation, prayer, family, vitamins.. all of it is what we all need to hear and follow.
May God bless you in your advocacy in fighting cancer.  Your message needs to be heard!
Debbi W.


 Hi Luci,

When I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer almost one year ago, yours is the first survivor book that I read.  You gave me hope and guidance – I thank you for that.  Now as I am approaching my “cancerversary”  I am curious as to how you are doing.  I lived in Highlands Ranch Colorado for 6 years and feel like I have a connection to you since you are in Baily!  My husband took a job in LA a couple of years ago – I think this was a blessing as I was able to and am still getting treatments at Cedars Sinai by one of the best Gynecological Oncologists in the nation. I guess I am reaching out because I just need to know that you are still doing well.

Take care,
Kris P 


 Dear Luci, 

 I took your book out yesterday from our local public library.  They had it highlighted in a special section.  As I had enjoyed Gilda Radners “It’s always something”,I brought yours home.  I started reading it at about 9pm, and read it straight through.  I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!  I am very fortunate that cancer is not in my life, but I do suffer from brittle diabetes.  It is not very pleasant giving yourself 2 shots in the stomach evey night.  Your story inspired me to eat better, exercise, and just start to lead a more healthy life.  God Bless You!  I wish you and Todd many happy and healthy years together.  My husband Russ, and I are going on 35 years. 

 Sincerely, Joanne C. NJ. 

P.S.  I was born in Brooklyn also.


Hi Luci,

I am a Stage IIa ovarian cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed June 26th during my hysterectomy.  I just finished 6 rounds of chemo and am anxiously waiting for my hair to grow back!

I read your book and was inspired by your perseverance!  It was encouraging to hear how much you stood up for yourself!  You are right when you say how important hope is and how it will help us to move forward and get beyond this disease.

Now, I want to try to instill healthier eating habits.  I exercise regularly, am in good physical shape and feel like I eat well, that is, not a lot of junk food.  However, I want to try to incorporate food choices that will help to prevent a recurrence.  The one that will be the most challenging for me will be decreasing sugar.  I tend to eat more fruits than vegetables and love to have a cookie or piece of cake!

Thanks for sharing your story!
Marcia T.



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